With a great deal of musical influence and support from his family, Jake Crocker began his production career with a very unique and well-rounded sound. At 17 years old he was given his first major production opportunity with Seattle artist Raz Simone and soon found himself on a 58 day 52 city tour. During that time Jake was introduced to Ronnie Dylan, another local artist with a love of music and an entrepreneurial spirit which then lead to Jake and Ronnie's continuing partnership and the foundation of Fortitude. Along side running Fortitude, Jake continues to produce for many artists such as Saint Claire, Ronnie Dylan, Sam Lachow, Raz Simone, Ryan Caraveo and himself as a solo artist. With his recent solo release, a remix to Tessa Rae's "Faded" hitting #6 on Soundcloud's EDM Charts, Jake's solo career is off to a bright start.


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